About Club 44

Premier GT Club 44 was born out of our very own passion for everything we love, Supercars, Motor Racing and socialising with likeminded people.

Founders David and Andrew met on a Supercar Driving Trip and quickly became great friends. Both from different career backgrounds but they share a mutual love for supercars, racing and attending related events.

Club 44 Premier GT

Our Passion

Connecting our network of business and personal acquaintances to bring unrivalled luxury experiences from venues and locations around the globe.

David Trigg

David, the owner of Premier GT – a supercar showroom in West Sussex – had been wanting to start an exclusive supercar events club and wanted to create something with a little extra flair and the attention to detail that he accredits to the success of Premier GT.

While away on a driving tour with Andrew and some friends in France, David decided there would be no better person to help achieve this than Andrew.

David approached Andrew with the idea and the two of them joined forces to created Club 44.

Andrew Benn

Andrew comes from a property background and has a huge passion and knowledge for supercars (to which over the years he has owned many), as well as yachts, motorcycles and entertaining. 

Whenever on a driving trip (even as a guest) he falls naturally into the role of an attentive host making sure everyone is looked after. Andrew is renowned for being the king of hosts to anyone who knows him.

Experience club 44

The Club 44 ethos is to offer events to our members with a difference – exclusive, small in numbers and always with a little added money-can’t-buy extra. A club that is ultimately about giving our members something special and achieving over and above their expectations. We ask for and listen to our members feedback and ideas and continuously mould our events around what our members want.

Club 44 events are mostly based around everything supercar for like-minded people to socialise and network, whilst naturally having a great time. However we also like to throw in a few extra non-car related events like a VIP day to the British Superbikes with pre-race grid access and safety car passenger rides for example. So if you have something you have always wanted to do, you only have to ask.

Being a member of Club 44 means you have the opportunity to be the first to access and book the limited spaces for our exciting events at an exclusive members’ rate. All of our member events are limited in numbers to ensure their exclusivity and thus allowing us to deliver a more attentive and personal experience.

David Trigg

Lover of anything fast, addicted to racing, labelled OCD by his friends and family (he calls it attention to detail), way too competitive in nature, passionate about business, loves fitness, fine wine, socialising and generally having a great time with others.

David’s entire life has been spent around motorsport and the automotive industry. David’s earliest memory of racing was standing on his father’s grass track motorcycle sidecar at the age of 3 at a summer race meeting. He grew up spending as much time as he could at his dad’s used car lot which was based on a farm in West Sussex. Here he would spend most of his school holidays developing his love for cars and motorbikes.

In the early days it was pedal bikes flying around the farm, but at the age of 7 his father Brian bought David his first motorbike, a Malaguti 50cc and he never looked back. He started racing motocross at the age 11 before moving to road racing in his early 20’s where he went on to run teams in the British Superbike and World Endurance Championships. After some time out from racing David went back to his roots of motocross and competed in the over 40s vets championship for a couple of years before moving onto car racing where he still competes today at every opportunity.  David has always raced with the number 44 on his motorbike or car since he started racing.

From an early age it was clear that David followed his passions and as such his love for 4 wheels meant an inevitable career in the automotive industry. Starting out as a valeter for his father at the weekends and in the school holidays he also dabbled on and off in the workshop but soon moved onto sales and then onto starting up his own company. Premier GT was born out of David’s passion for supercars and racing and he feels lucky and blessed to have a career doing something he loves. The natural progression for this passion was to expand and create Club 44.

Andrew benn


Loves anything motorised, loves socialising, loves seeing people have a great time – that’s Andy in a sentence! A great combination for a Club 44 team member!


Andy has been a petrol head for about as long as he can stand up, anything motorised has always fascinated him; according to his mum, the first words he uttered were “key-car”, whilst pointing at the family Cortina.


Growing up, motocross bikes were Andy’s first petrol-powered fun, learning how to ride, crash and then fix bikes was the start of a life-long journey into understanding how things work.


Andy’s career has always revolved around property, but that was always to fund his very bad car and shoe habits, we’ll leave the shoes for another time, but the cars kept coming and kept getting faster. A BMW M6 V10 was Andy’s first foray in to the 500 bhp+ club, this has been followed by Lambo, Alpina, Ferrari, a couple of Bentley Continentals, a splash of AMG Mercedes and a long-term affair with a McLaren.


Also renowned at organising a music quiz!

Zaak Andrews

Zaak is usually found with a camera in hand, behind the wheel of a somewhat tired BMW E46, feasting on various Asian cuisines or out on 2 wheels across the South Downs.

For as long as he can remember, Zaak has been a self-confessed petrolhead (much like the rest of us) and from a very young age has been passionate about all things motor related. From a toddler to a teenager, the passion for cars grew synonymously with the knowledge of them. There wasn’t a day that went by where he didn’t ask the make or model of any passing car.

Taking major inspiration from Formula 1 in both the driver’s abilities and the pit crews’ turnaround times, Zaak’s passion for speed and the desire to be behind a wheel has always been a key part of his life. Driving off-road and off-the-record throughout his teen years, it took him just 7 weeks to obtain a legal licence after his 17th birthday.

After achieving a First Class (BA) degree in Digital Film Production in 2015, Zaak then went on to form an integral part of a Film Production Crew that specialised in Automotive PR. As a result, it saw him filming key automotive events, stunts & launches, for all manner of manufacturers, agencies & industry icons. Following this saw a stint filming on the international hit TV show ‘Car SOS’ and most recently looking after Premier GT’s premium content & social media marketing.

Supercars, super events & super people make up the majority of Zaak’s focus on life and what better team to be a part of than Club 44.

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